• Mobile Marketing

  • The World Has Gone Mobile

    Mobile marketing is marketing on or with amobile device, such as a cell phone. One definition comes from marketing professor Andreas Kaplan who defines mobile marketing as "any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device".

    The world has gone mobile already, so should your business!

  • Components of Mobile Marketing

    There are different components of mobile marketing. Some of these include:

    1. SMS Marketing - Short Message Service (SMS) has become an important aspect of mobile marketing. These are short messages that are directly pushed to the mobile device user. You as a marketer can take advantage of this technology and reach to your current and potential customers or clients.
    2. MMS Marketing - Multimedia Message Service (MMS) is a timed message of images, text, audio and video. MMS marketing can help businesses reach their current or potential customers or clients via rich media content that may be more engaging and more appealing to the recipients.
    3. Push Notification - Push notification marketing is also important to send time-sensitive messages to the mobile device user such as inbound promotional marketing. 
    4. App-Based Marketing - Businesses can also develop their own apps and encourage their customers or clients to download their apps for a more committed marketing activities 
    5. Mobile Web Marketing - Mobile web marketing is the integration of regular desktop platforms with mobile devices. This is the case where the website has to be mobile friendly for easier navigation in mobile devices. In mobile web marketing, businesses can market to the mobile device users without having to develop their own apps
    6. QR Code Marketing - QR Codes have become significantly important with the development of smartphones, cameras and code reading scripts. This is one of the effective way of getting customers or clients download apps or access business websites.